Smart Homes & Audio Systems

Control your home(s) through an app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. All the power in the palm of your hand!

With an app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can have complete control over all the functionality of your home regardless of your location. Your smart home system can be manipulated and monitored with your mobile device. This includes your audio and video, lighting, HVAC, surveillance or security system.

– Access your surveillance cameras at all of your homes
– Control your lights and shades, set scenes and shade levels
– Full control of your HVAC in all your homes–no matter where you are
– Use your mobile phone as a remote to control your TVs
– Select what you want to listen to in your iTunes library or on Pandora
– Unlock your front door in your home from anywhere.

You are always connected and in control.


Video Distribution

Get rid of AV stands and the dreaded “Entertainment Center”. Simply mount a flatscreen HDTV on the wall. Cable and satellite boxes, Tivo, AppleTV, Roku, and BluRay players will be moved out of sight into a closet or the basement. You are beyond clutter.

Access your music and video systems with your favorite device – handheld remote, iPhone, iPad, Android or touchscreen – from anywhere in your home. If you feel like watching Netflix in your office, select the appropriate video source, match it with the room you are in and press play. Simple. That way your teenager can obsessively watch reality shows in a different room and you don’t have to. Full access, no mess.


Audio Distribution

Having access to all of your music from any room in the home is a good start but…. take a step further and listen to what you want in the shower, while someone else enjoys their selection in the kitchen. The speakers in each room sound so much better than the ones on the laptop you keep carrying around. True.

Integrated into this is home-wide access to your iTunes library and online music services, such as Sirius XM, TuneIn, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, or Wolfgang’s Vault. Vinyl lovers can connect their record player as well. Audio options are super fun when entertaining guests.


Surveillance, and Access Control

Get the infrastructure you need with the ease-of-use and comfort you desire using video surveillance, sensors and access control.


System Remote Support

BCNS provides an on demand, personalized, prompt, and professional support service. We guarantee a direct line to the appropriate support resource ensuring the highest service level available 24/7/365.

We specialize in Virtual PBX systems running on VOIP (voice-over-internet) for state-of-the-art features and budget-saving rate plans.


Wireless & Wired Networking

BCNS builds powerful, secure, scalable, and easy-to-use Wireless and Wired Networks that connect your workstations, laptops, and mobile devices to the fastest internet connection available in your location.