You’re network will stay up. . . .while your costs stay down.


Our interest lies in currently emerging dynamic systems, where both the data and the services available to users are freely extensible by the users and the strict distinction between system and user no longer exists.


The BCNS Cloud Computing Design and Implementation service can help ensure a successful deployment — whether you’d like to build a private cloud, use public cloud offerings from providers or develop a hybrid of both.


Effective e-Government has the objective of enhancing citizen services and government communication as well as reducing the amount of paperwork. In order to achieve this goal, e-Government requires interoperability mechanisms that will allow numbers of government agencies to offer online access to their services and to participate in orchestrated procedures involving services provided by multiple agencies.


The most common form of JavaScript enabled menu is what designers call a “fly-out” or “mega” menu. Fly-outs can be seen on hundreds or even thousands of online retail sites.